Software Features & Benefits

Video Image Express is the one and only plug and play solution for adding a simple and easy way to capture, annotate and measure images on any stereo microscope, video inspection system, or camera based optical inspection device.

When it comes to image capture and video documentation, our unique "live image" capability increases work flow dramatically by providing tools designed with one word in mind, "simplicity".

Connect your devices easily

Video Image Express utilizes Capture Link technology, allowing it to connect directly to any Analog, S-Video, or Composite camera through USB.

It also interfaces with most digital cameras making it a great way to upgrade any stereo microscope, video inspection or video measurement system! Within minutes you will be viewing, capturing, and measuring “Live Video Images” on your computer

Capture images easily

With a graphic user interface (GUI) that is simply easy to use, you'll be able to capture and annotate images, or video, easily and quickly with as as little as one click!

Multiple media formats and file types are supported, and you can store your saved files on network, thumb drive or local storage.

Document & Measurement

Add Arrows & Text - Live

  • Instantly document defects and features
  • Adding text labels is simple and easy!
  • Position arrows and text on live images
  • Click Capture and the images is stored

Take Precise Measurements

  • Easily measure and document cracks, defects or features
  • Easy to use Drag tools allow measurements on live images Stored calibrations
  • Measure any angle
  • Calibrated reticle in inches and millimeters
  • Perpendicular line width measurements

GO/NO GO Overlay

  • Video caliper used for GO/NO GO Analysis
  • Stored calibrations provide quick setup
  • Calibrated reticle displayed in full screen

Free Hand

  • Enhance live images
  • Click and draw
  • Change colors
  • Complete the job!

Share And Communicate With Colleges Easily

One Click on the print icon allows you to print or e-mail automatically.

The best part about Video Image Express is the ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, vendors, and customers with the use of one image. Having the ability to create, mark-up, and e-mail these images in 2-5 minutes is truly amazing!

Compare Video Image Express Software

Video Image Essentials
Video Images Express
Video Image Premier
MAC Software
View and enhance live images on computer screen
Capture still, moving images, or time lapse
Labels, markers, time stamps, measurements of distance and angles: all on live image
Draw freehand and overlay graphics directly on the live image
Frame average to reduce noise and enhance image clarity

Optional with Video Averager plugin.

Optional with Video Averager plugin.

Optional with Video Averager plugin.

Live zoom (without pixelation) up to 4x and fit to screen (including full screen for computer projector)
Interactively adjust camera and light settings
Export images for use in applications such as Adobe Photoshop
Support for plugins including GPS (Stamping location and time on images) and Foot Pedal Software
Enhanced measurement tools: drag tools to measure distance, radius and angle. Click tools to measure distance, radius, arc radius, angle.
Relational measurement (ex. object-to-object distance)