Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have the time or resources to become a graphics and measurement program expert?

  • Most application engineers are trying to document and convey information to customers and vendors quickly and easily. Most graphics programs are designed for creating print collateral or multimedia presentations. Video Image Express puts the Drawing and Labeling tools at your fingertips right on the “Live Image”. When it comes to measurement, the “drag and click tools” are extremely “operator friendly” and provide a quick and easy way to measure defects, and field-of-view dimensions.

2. Can VIE overcome the time and hassle of importing images into Photoshop/Paint?

  • Photo shop is sophisticated and MS paint is clunky, but the main advantage is working with the live image all at one time. Why go through the process of storing an image, import into 3rd party graphics program, accomplish annotations and re-store the image. With Video Image Express you can annotate on the live image while doing the inspection and simply press capture to store as a .jpg,. bmp, and .tiff.

3. Do I have a slot available to Install a video card?

  • Most customers want to avoid opening the computer and installing an expensive video card. Many would like to use a laptop which does not allow this capability. With USB 2.0 becoming a standard in the computer industry, Video Image Express’s unique “capture link” USB capture device allows you connect any S-video, Composite, or digital camera directly to the software for installation in seconds!

4. Is it just as simple as connecting my camera to the software?

  • Yes, All that is required is loading the “capture link” drivers, connecting the camera “capture link” and plugging it in to any available USB 2.0 (or greater) port.

5. Could I be up and running by tomorrow?

  • Yes! By placing an order today, we can ship the software and “capture link” device to anywhere in the US UPS next day air. You could be capturing and documenting your process by first thing tomorrow morning!

6. What are some of the systems VIE interfaces with?

  • Video Image Express will interface with almost all stage based Video Measurement Systems, Video Microscopes, and Camera Based inspection systems. With most cameras you can connect a Video Splitter connector directly to the camera and allow the signal to connect simultaneously to your measurement system and VIE as well.

7. What are the computer requirements for “Capture Link”?

  • Pentium II 500 MHz or faster (Pentium III recommended); Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Internet Explorer 5.0 (or later) installed; 128 MB of free memory, Video Card with 16MB of video RAM; Minimum 800 x 600 resolution at 16 bit (65,000 colors); Direct X 8.1 + (Included on the CD)

8. Does Capture Link support Vista?

  • Yes!

9. Will Capture link work on a computer with USB1.0?

  • No, unfortunately with the amount of data streaming required, we do not support USB 1.0 ports. Please be sure to have 128 MB of free memory as well. Otherwise your video image will be very choppy and run at under 24 frames per second.

10. What is the Resolution of the Image?

  • The VIE image displays “Live” 640 x 480 window at 30 frames per second.

11. What is the advantage of the Live Image Display?

  • Most capture and measurement programs force you to store the image first and then work with it. This can cause a lot of wasted time in having to re-frame a shot that did not display defects properly.

12. Can the Image be displayed in Full Screen?

  • Yes! By pressing the F1 button we are able to interpolate the image to be full screen for optimum viewing for inspection and measurement applications.