Document & Measurement

Video Image Express has an amazing ability to provide all the tools needed in one place to document and measure your images. Working on the “live image” allows quick and easy markups and communication of points that need to be made. In minutes you can have a high resolution image stored on your hard drive or attached to an e-mail for communication with others.

Add arrows and text live

Add Arrows & Text - Live

  • Instantly document defects and features
  • Adding text labels is simple and easy!
  • Position arrows and text on live images
  • Click Capture and the images is stored
  • How To Work with the label box


Take Precise Measurements

  • Want to measure and document cracks, defects or features?
  • Easy to use Drag tools allow measurements on live images
  • Stored calibrations
  • Want to measure an angle?
  • Calibrated reticule in inches and millimeters
  • Perpendicular line width measurements

Go/No Go Overlay

GO/NO GO Overlay

  • Video caliper used for GO/NO GO Analysis
  • Stored calibrations provide quick setup
  • Calibrated reticule displayed in full screen

Free Hand

Free Hand

  • Enhance live images
  • Click and draw
  • Change colors
  • Complete the job!